Dr. Eric Harter New Location Announcement

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I’m excited to announce I have joined Premier Medical Group. Located at 1260 NE 8th St #110 here in Cape Coral. This place is brand new. Clean warm and inviting. Even has a coffee bar in the front lobby. Has medical docotrs and chiropractors working together to help our community live their best happiest and healthiest lives possible. So many services to offer from digital X-rays in house, plasma rich platelet (PRP) injections, Hyaluronic Acid knee injections, decompression tables and complete therapy PT room with ultrasound, K Laser, E-Stim and sound wave therapy, back and knee bracing, and chiropractic adjustments. Soon to offer wound care treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The office is fully staffed and able to bill all insurances. I’m grateful for this opportunity to join an amazing practice with a clean office space that everyone will love. God is great!

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

If you’re suffering from an auto accident, you might be surprised to learn that chiropractic care can provide a drug-free way to relieve your pain. If you have back pain or neck pain after being involved in a car accident, this could mean you have a spinal or whiplash injury. Contact us for an exam to see if Chiropractic Treatment can help with your personal injury from a car accident. Learn more about Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries...

Abundant Life Chiropractic in Cape Coral, FL

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The philosophy of Abundant Life Chiropractic is that optimal health and wellness can be achieved through chiropractic care of the nervous system, proper nutrition and exercise. An optimally functioning nervous system is vital for maintaining good health. Spinal misalignments interfere with nerve impulses needed for optimum body function. Dr. Harter is highly specialized in locating and correcting spinal misalignments and postural abnormalities. This enables the body to function properly and heal more efficiently.

Abundant Life Chiropractic realizes that each patient’s needs are unique. Many different types of chiropractic techniques are available and each patient will be treated individually and efficiently with the type of care that leads them toward optimal health and wellness.

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